You will undoubtedly be aware of the potential seriousness of the problem if you have ever had to deal with birds or bird nests in the dryer vent. Your dryer may abruptly halt due to a bird’s nest.

Birds adore dryer vents because they are warm, dark, and safe inside the vent from outside predators. Preventing this unpleasant circumstance is preferable to fixing issues afterward.

Installing a bird cage is the best way to prevent birds from entering your dryer vent. Give us a call if you want assistance with keeping birds out of your home; we’ll be pleased to do so!

The bird cage is the plastic protection that is fitted over your vent hood. Although it prevents birds from passing through, the apertures are large enough to allow regular airflow. The apertures in the plastic bird cages we install are large enough to prevent lint collection, unlike metal ones. As a result, you won’t face any fire risks.

Along with dryer vent cleaning, we also provide bird cage installation.

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