Like most homeowners, you probably have a never-ending list of things to do. Cleaning your dryer vent should be one of the annual maintenance activities on your to-do list as a householder. If your goal is to maintain a healthy and safe atmosphere for you and your loved ones, then a dryer vent should definitely be on your list. Even though it may seem simple, we would always advise hiring a professional to eliminate any potential problems.

Over the years, we received numerous inquiries from customers who had attempted to clean their dryer vents. You’d be astonished at how many complications – or even catastrophic outcomes could arise from something that looked simple.

You may believe that buying a DIY kit from Home Depot will suffice because your vent may be too short. Using cheap cleaning equipment may leave you in a scenario where even professionals are unable to help. Customers’ brushes frequently broke inside the vent and they were unable to remove them, which happens constantly. In 99% of cases, we are unable to remove it because doing so would endanger or damage our expensive equipment, or because the angle is improper and we are unable to remove it under any circumstances. As a result, you will be in a worse situation than before.

After they were certain they had thoroughly cleaned the vent, many customers also called us to find out what might be wrong. The amount of lint we removed after the cleaning shocked them. A blocked dryer vent presents a risk of fire and should not be trifled with.

A professional dryer vent cleaning business will use one of two methods to clean your dryer vent. They will either use a high-powered vacuum and rotating cleaning equipment to clean the dryer vent or they will use high-powered pressurized air and powerful vacuum collectors to break the lint loose and collect it in the vacuum. We combine both strategies and promise 100% thorough outcomes.

We have years of experience, are experts in what we do, and guarantee our work with integrity. Give us a call to book your professional dryer vent cleaning and avoid unwanted costs and potential complications.