It’s time to call the experts if your dryer is truly beyond repair, your sheets stay damp for a longer period of time, and your energy usage is high on a regular basis. One of the many appliances we use around the house and one of the most popular ones is the dryer. How long do dryers last, and how can you make sure they’re in good working order for a long time? A typical dryer vent machine can last up from 10 to 15 years, depending on how well you take care of it.

The lifespan of your dryer machine might be greatly shortened by excessive use. Frequent use at high temperatures and little downtime will reduce your dryer’s efficiency over time.

Those tiny textile threads can build up and compromise how effectively your dryer functions. Lint removal is necessary after each load for this reason. Don’t forget to clean the duct vent of any lint as well.

Your dryer machine must continuously release high temperatures. If it builds up, lint might block the vent. This is terrible news for your dryer’s lifespan. To reduce the risk that comes with a clogged dryer vent, we advise cleaning it once, or better yet, twice, per year.

Some of the problems that come with blocked dryer vents are:

  • Possible fire hazard
  • Longer drying cycle
  • Higher energy consumption which leads to increased energy bills

The best service in the state of Illinois is provided by our professionals, who are certified, licensed, and insured. For both residential and commercial premises, we are experts at cleaning dryer vents.

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