Are you unsure of how much time to allot for your air duct cleaning appointment? Cheap businesses guarantee they’ll be in and out in a flash. But this typically signifies that they did not thoroughly clean your HVAC system. Your indoor air quality will be better thanks to proper air duct cleaning, which will also help you save money on your electricity bill.

It takes two to four hours to thoroughly clean your air duct system, according to our professional air duct cleaning professionals. This applies to the furnace itself as well as to all the main and return vents. The size of your HVAC system will determine the precise time required to clean your air ducts.

Our skilled air duct cleaning professionals need two to four hours to do a thorough cleaning, depending on the size of the HVAC system. We can finish the air duct cleaning operation in a small house in around three hours. Larger homes, usually those over 3,000 square feet, require a full air duct cleaning service that lasts closer to five hours.

Many low-cost businesses advertise that they can clean your air duct system in an hour. However, you didn’t adequately clean your air ducts. Cheap air duct cleaners never completely clean your HVAC system since they don’t set up a suitable negative air system to sweep and get each and every line and trunk line treated.

At AAA Cleaning Services INC, we prioritize precision over speed. Our knowledgeable team prioritizes quality over haste, which is why. Contact us if you have any more concerns regarding how long an air duct cleaning takes or if you’d like to set up an appointment.

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