You should be aware of how to prepare for your appointment whether you have recently scheduled professional air duct cleaning or have previously had the service performed. You can take a few steps to accelerate the process even though your duct cleaning technicians will do the actual work.

To ensure they can quickly and thoroughly clean your ducts, take care of these basic duties before the duct cleaners arrive. You can continue your regularly scheduled daily activities in this way as soon as it is practical.

Make sure the area around vents and registers is clear
The technicians will need unrestricted access to your return vents and registers to connect their cleaning equipment. It’s important to make sure there is adequate room for them to work because they will also be cleaning the HVAC parts in addition to the ducting. Move any furniture, piles of papers, or other objects out of the way or store them away from the vents and registers in your home before the specialists show up.

Give the technician tour of the residence           
Before your duct cleaning company shows up, take some time to walk through your house and identify any trouble places. It never hurts to perform a fast walkthrough to go over the procedure and share anything you’d like to discuss, even though the professionals will clean the entire system.

Remember that the technicians may need to leave doors open while performing the cleaning, or at the very least, open and close them numerous times as they transit to and from the van. Some noise might also be generated during the process, so consider such factors when planning.

We’d be happy to go through everything with you and answer any concerns about air duct cleaning, so please contact us if there is anything further you want to know or if you have questions about any aspect of the procedure.