Although the winter has been long and cold so far, spring is soon here. Your home will feel revitalized and refreshed after a thorough spring cleaning in time for the warmer months. One activity you won’t want to neglect from your spring cleaning schedule in the upcoming weeks is duct cleaning. An HVAC expert must clean the ducts, but the fee is well worth it.

Several factors, like whether or not you have pets, whether or not you have allergies, and how frequently you dust and vacuum, will determine how frequently you need your ducts cleaned.


While some homeowners may be able to wait three or four years between cleanings, those who have dogs or who have allergies may wish to have their ducts cleaned every one to two years. Have your ducts cleaned this spring if any of the following symptoms appear.

Allergic Reactions

If you have allergies, you might have noticed a worsening of symptoms recently. When the heat comes on, you can sneeze or itch more severely because the dirty ducts are blowing dust into the air.

Lower Air Flow

If there appears to be less air flowing through some vents, there may have been a significant accumulation of dirt in the duct branch going to those vents. Additionally, the duct may include a larger impediment, such as a bird’s nest. While at your home to clean your ducts, your HVAC specialist can find and get rid of any obstructions.

Dusty House

If you clean and vacuum your home, does it seem to become dusty again nearly immediately? You’ve undoubtedly seen how rapidly dust builds up in the furnace filter as well. Filthy ducts are frequently the root of both of these issues.

Make careful to clean your vents because springtime typically brings issues for those who suffer from allergies. This will stop pollen or other allergens from being retained in your vents.

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