The majority of contractors in the home renovation and repair business are ethical and honest. However, like any other industry, air duct cleaning is not exempt from con artists looking for chances to defraud homeowners. The sector is rife with dishonest service providers eager to con homeowners.

Particularly when it comes to air duct cleaning, homeowners should be wary of so-called “blow-and-go” businesses that sometimes con unwary homes with rock-bottom costs like “$99 whole-house specials.” It’s a well-liked marketing strategy. These businesses charge a pittance, perform subpar work, only clean what the homeowner can see, and leave contaminants and dirt deep inside the system. Then, these dishonest contractors frequently upsell add-on services, convincing the homeowner to pay for services that are not required. For instance, they could employ scare tactics to persuade a homeowner that urgent repairs are required or mislead them into thinking they have mold or other harmful materials in their HVAC systems.

Knowing the warning signs of a scam is crucial, and as a homeowner, you may take precautions to avoid being a victim of dishonest practices. The following frequent scams should be avoided: 

Pressure to Make a Quick Decision: A reputable business won’t put you under any pressure to decide right away. Professional contractors are aware that home remodeling services are a significant expenditure and are sympathetic if you need a few days to think things over.

Low-ball costs: It’s not true that trustworthy businesses never provide special pricing or discounts, but it is advisable to be wary of businesses that advertise services at absurdly low costs. Avoid discounts like $99 for “whole house air duct cleaning” or “HVAC mold and soot removal.”

Persuade the Homeowner of Unexpected Issues: Unexpected issues can occasionally arise, but if your contractor starts looking for justifications to raise pricing, be wary. Make sure everything is documented, and if price increases raise your suspicions, think about seeking a second opinion.

Beware, cheaper is rarely better when it comes to cleaning air ducts, just like it is with most other goods and services. Even the most experienced bargain seekers are aware that sometimes it’s better to scrimp while other times it’s worthwhile to invest. Even if (when done correctly) air duct cleaning is not cheap, it is also not too expensive.

Therefore, when flyers for air duct cleaning deals seem too good to be true and show up in your mailbox, they probably are! It’s simple to leap at what looks like a wonderful deal when seduced by coupons and fliers offering dirt-cheap rates and the chance to cross off one of those difficult jobs on your to-do list. But before you commit, take a moment to consider if the bargain will actually save you money or end up costing you more in the long term.

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