Congratulations if you recently purchased a home or moved into a new apartment in the Chicago area! You would undoubtedly want to enter a spotless home as a new tenant. You shouldn’t overlook the air ducts in addition to the spotless carpets, freshly painted walls, and clean flooring! Your home will become a home when the air within is safe and clean. Allow us to help you with that!

Moving into a new house that has just been built can be tremendously exciting. But you could have been taken aback by how, just a week earlier, the freshly placed flooring was covered in a thin layer of dust and the shelves of the closet systems your contractor had fitted were covered in sawdust. The builder makes sure to clean up all of the mess left behind by new construction before the residents move in. All of the dust and debris from the construction process likely got sucked into the ducts, so you might be astonished to learn that your air ducts are suddenly dirty.

Since your house is brand new, you must have the air ducts cleaned. Just glance at the vent registers to see if dust has accumulated there. Following all that sawing and sanding, dust is released into the air, drawn into the return vents, and circulated each time the HVAC system operates.

To provide the air duct cleaning specialists easy access to all the vents, it is recommended to schedule an HVAC duct cleaning before moving into the newly constructed home. Moreover, a little amount of dust may be blasted into the living space depending on the equipment they use and how much dust is in the vents.

Making sure that the air inside your home is clean and safe is the only way to provide a safe and healthy environment for you and your loved ones. Your health depends on clean air ducts more than you might realize.

If you need residential or commercial air duct cleaning in the Chicago region, call us and let us assist you with air duct cleaning. We are a professional, licensed, and insured air duct cleaning specialist.

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