Unbelievable Service! Professional cleaning and great customer service. AAA Cleaning Service Inc cleaned our air ducts and we couldn’t believe what was coming out of our vents. Couldn’t be happier with the service and would highly recommend them. Thank you for a Great job!

Florije Asani

Very professional and helpful guy!!!

Liburn Bajrami

We use AAA cleaning services for the last 4-5 years. Very good customer service, affordable prices. They provide professional cleaning with the right equipment. Highly recommend! See you soon, thanks!

Rupesh Patel

Thank you for EVERYTHING Mike!!! You are so knowledgeable, professional & kind! We will be calling you again! Happy Holidays!

Jinsun Koh

Mike from AAA cleaning was right on time! He was efficient and friendly. My whole house smells so much better now. I opted for the premium package that included dryer vent and a conditioning coil. I was shocked that he found a bird’s nest inside the dryer vent exhaust. He removed it then proceeded to clean the dryer vent all the way down to the dryer unit, and for a small extra fee he installed a bird cage protector on the outside of the vent so it doesn’t happen again. He did amazing!

David G.

Unbelievable service! They came in and did their job. Were professional and polite. Gots tons of stuff out of my vents. I’m a home inspector and dryer vents are very dangerous if not maintained. I’m gonna recommend this team to everyone. Great job!

Florence M.

Professional cleaning and service. I am very happy with the outcome. Strongly recommend!!!

Zlatelina Rizova

Steve came today at my house to do the duct cleaning, and at least I can say that I’m very satisfied with the service this guy provided. Dryer and ac coil are now spotless, thank you man for all that you did, keep up with a good work.

Dexter S.

Very professional and knowledgeable. My dryer vent was blocked and the hose was disconnected, they cleaned the vent and change my dryer hose. Thanks again!

Aleksandar Bademov

Mike was professional, friendly, and did a great job, highly recommended the company for air duct cleaning. Sanitizer and Odor kill smell great.

Steve Godoy